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Nerdie Racing Communications

Nerdie NASCAR System

Nerdie NASCAR System

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Additional Helmet Kits

The Nerdie NASCAR System is a 3-conductor race communication system designed by a racer for racers, just add your radios.

The 2015 Nerdie NASCAR System includes:

  • 1 2015 Nerdie NASCAR Car Harness
  • 1 Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • 1 Hosa Coiled Extension Cord
  • 1 Nerdie NASCAR Helmet Kit
  • As an added bonus, a free pair of stereo earbuds while supplies last.

That's all the necessary wiring for the car and driver for only $150.00!

Up to 5 additional helmet kits for $25.00 each.

Radios not included.

This system has been developed through 8 seasons of endurance races up to 24 hours. In the fall 2011, after struggling with our own communication system and inquiries from other racers looking for affordable, effective in-car communications the original Nerdie NASCAR System was developed.

The 2015 Nerdie NASCAR System is a new evolution of the original system improving on the features with a larger inline PTT and longer PTT and helmet leads now 6' past the inline PTT. In order to play more nicely with the other race comms, the 2015 Nerdie NASCAR System uses a mini/tiny-XLR connection for the PTT and the PTT has a coil cord.

The staple of this system is the Nerdie NASCAR Helmet kit which is handmade here in the USA.

The Nerdie NASCAR Helmet Kit is similar to a standard NASCAR helmet kit with two main exceptions:

  1. It uses a 680 Ohm noise-cancelling Electret Condenser Microphone
  2. It is wired for stereo earbuds (mono available upon request)

The Nerdie NASCAR Helmet kit is made with high quality, all metal, Rean connectors and heavy gauge fully shielded wiring.

The 2015 Nerdie NASCAR Car Harness features a larger inline PTT allowing room to offer an optional 3.5mm auxiliary jack which can feed communication audio to a GoPro. While the new system is longer, it still includes a coiled extension cord, now from Hosa, to run between the harness and driver providing much better driver flexibility as well and preventing shock loads to the main harness. If for some reason the coil cord fails, the harness can easily be plugged into directly as a form of back-up redundancy.

Spotter headsets are recommended for improved paddock communication.

Just add your choice of radios to complete the package.

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